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Skin-Line project (workinprogress)

Fresh A.I.R programme

Berlin artist in residence, Berliner Leben Foundation, Urban Nation Museum

My work is inspired by individual and collective memories as potential drivers for positive changes and transformations in a society.

My work is conceptual but also very concrete. Generally, I depict memory, time flow and changes of a characteristic place that I select, including people living there.

The place I chose for my residency project is Tempelhof airport. At difference with other places in Berlin, where signs of time were erased, in Tempelhof time flow is perceivable; past and present coexist.

In a first phase of the project I collected material from archives such as maps, photographs, etc .. and material from the current life, coming from the interaction with people living in the Tempelhof area.

It is important to point out that my project is not confined to a graphic work, but it mostly relies on meetings and established relationships.

In this project, refugees living in Tempelhof left imprints of their skin to testify their presence there. I start from these imprints to create my art work : the skin wrinkles and scars are obvious traces of the time flow; Their lines interweaving determine a unique “geographical map” that differs from person to person. This characteristic is often used to identify, isolated or discriminate people. At difference, in this work, the imprints of the skin represent a bridge between past and present and emphasize dignity and uniqueness of each individual.

The visual form of these matrices collected in Tempelhof will be a sort of map / landscape. My idea is to visualize the memory as a landscape where you can enter, walk through and discover each detail.

The final form of this project will be a “poetic cartography”, witness of the time flow and changes